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Eyekonz Boys Lacrosse serves boys ages 5-19 years old. We believe that  lacrosse is a vehicle for developing and teaching the life-long values of hard work, competitive spirit and contributing your value to a team. In a supportive and challenging environment we expect everyone on the field to respect and respond to one another. Players from K to 12th grade are able to develop as athletes and individuals, while competing in local and regional tournaments.

Eyekonz is a year round lacrosse sports league directed by Jazmine A Smith. Eyekonz Sports is for committed players who show a passion and commitment to the game. With Head coach Malachi Cohen for the boys division at the helm of the program, coaches are inspired to teach the game at a very high level and more importantly to empower players by building their confidence and self-esteem by instilling leadership skills and developing strong positive character.


Eyekonz Sports created a rights of passage program to educate, celebrate and empower  every boy  that is apart of this league. Each player  will be placed on a team based upon their age ( U6-18 Teams) . A rite of passage is a ceremony of the passage which occurs when an individual leaves one group to enter another. It involves a significant change of status in society . There are 8 stages in Eyekonz rites of passage program, which are labeled by U6-18 Teams ( Look Below for descriptions for your child)  Each Team will have it's own curriculum that will center around it's (U Teams) name/ meaning .   After  the completion of their designated team curriculum, the young men of eyekonz  transition to the next age group ( U Team) were they will be welcomed  with a new curriculum. When the young men of Eyekonz reach to U18 team  they will partake in rites of passage ceremony dinner that will include the Eyekonz family, community and etc.  Eyekonz .  We do this to create a community of brotherhood that will last for generations.  

**Please sign your daughter up by their age group listed below**

Team Ankh (Life) U6-  Ages  5-6 years old

Team Sekhm (Powerful One) U8  Ages 7-8 years old

Team Nakhti (I am Strong) U10  Ages 9-10 years old

Team Sekhempahty (Powerful of Strength) U12  Ages 11-12 years old

Team Ra (The Creator) U14  Ages 13-14 years old

Team Amun (The Complete One) U16  Ages 15-16 years old

Team Asychis ( A Wise and Beneficent King) U18  Ages 17-18-19 years old

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All field players must wear the following pieces of protective equipment during practices and games. No exceptions. This equipment must be professionally manufactured and not altered. No hockey (or any other sport) equipment will be permitted.

  • Boys lacrosse stick.  Please avoid toy-like sticks (sometimes referred to as "Fiddle Sticks") that are sold for beach recreation.

  • Helmet: Designed for lacrosse and meeting the NOCSAE test requirements. The helmet must have a face mask and a chin strap that is firmly attached.

  • Mouthpiece: All players must wear a professionally manufactured intra-oral mouthpiece that fully covers the upper jaw teeth. It can be of any color, except white or clear and may not be altered to decrease protection.

  • Gloves: Padded gloves with unaltered palms are worn for protection that are made specifically for lacrosse.

  • Shoulder Pads: Shoulder pads that are made specifically for lacrosse, and in no way are altered from manufacturer’s original construction.

  • Arm Pads: Since the arms are usually near your stick, they may be exposed to contact making arm protection vital. (Pads must be made specifically for lacrosse.)

  • Rib Pads: (Optional) Protection for the rib cage is recommended.

  • Protective Cup: It is highly recommended that a protective cup be worn both during games and practices.

  • Goalie must wear a lacrosse helmet with face mask designed for lacrosse, a chin strap,and must meet the NOCSAE standard. Goalies must also wear a separate throat protector, chest protector, abdominal and pelvic protection, goalie gloves and leg paddings on the shins and thighs and a mouthpiece. All protective devices should be close fitting,padded where necessary, and not be of excessive weight.

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